Who Is Captain Z-ro?
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Who Is Captain Z-RO?

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According to presumably reliable sources and under the utmost security conditions, on the, night of August 7,1937, Captain Z-RO, his young ward Jet and fellow scientists blasted off the Earth on the first manned flight to the Moon. The early, pre-space age ship, the ZX-98, was cumbersome, balky, and overloaded with equipment, oxygen and supplies. Enthusiasm was high .. .the chance of survival low.

Captain Z-RO

Early instrumentation was poor and contact with the ship was lost soon after the unparalleled and near disastrous blast off. Nine hours later the ZX-98 was within 25 miles of its target, but the maneuverability of the ship was so unstable that a landing attempt was out of the question .

The almost unbearable re-entry into the Earth's atmosphere ended in a crash landing. No one was without injury of some degree. The ship was a total loss and the remote area of the crash site forbidding and completely desolate.

It was here that Captain Z-RO and his associates decided to build a scientific laboratory from the wreckage of the ill-fated ship an its overload of equipment and devote their time to solving the mysteries of time and space, undisturbed by the red tape and pressure of the outside world.

KRON live in 1950

A transmitter was set up and contact established with civilization. The first one to respond was KRON-TV in San Francisco, California. The laboratory location was not divulged and will remain secret. Through an undisclosed government agency, requested materials were missi!ed to the laboratory.

The details of the discoveries and developments on file must be protected and dispersed with the utmost caution. Such information in the wrong hands would be extremely dangerous for the entire world.

NOTE: There are those who believe that CAPTAIN Z-RO and his crew were aliens who landed on Earth for reasons as yet unknown and that Roy Steffens was actually their coordinator who arranged for cameras in the laboratory.

Ridiculous, of course ... or is it?

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