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Captain Z-RO Broadcast History

Opened "live" November, 1951 on KRON TV as a 15 min. weekly series. Sponsored for three years by Walter Kendal Foods. Listed in top ten of nation for San Francisco Bay area. 29.6 ARE.

1953 54, "live" 15 min. weekly, KTTV, Los Angeles 26 weeks. Top rating opposite Sid Ceaser and Saturday Night Fights. 10.9 AFB. Top rated children’s show.

1954 5, 26 half hours filmed by newly formed San Francisco group, Captain Z ro Corporation.

1955, Janunry,Opened on WREN, New York.

1955, June "Billboard" rated Captain Z ro as 7th in the nations film shore in the New York area. WRCA piped the show closed circuit to the Kefauffer Committee on Juvenile Delinquency in Washington, D.C. which committee gave Captain Z ro the rating of " the best childrens show on television".

In 1956 Z-RO won national awards in the network catagory in the Ohio State Awards and in New Jersey.

Last expoeure was in 195?. An excellent show with adult appeal but poorly presented and managed by a distributor with no previous experience.

Series Outline

Somewhere, in the remote, uncharted regions of the earth, stands  the laboratory of Captain Z-ro ••• ln this secret location, known  only to a few in the outside world , Captain Z-ro and his  associates experiment in Time and Space •••

Jet in labThe Laboratory, auxiliary buildings, air strip and rocket platform are occupied primarily by Captain Z-ro, Jet, his teen-age assistant and by Micro, Tetro, Arcro and others as required.


Captain Z-ro has developed a Time Machine (based on projections  of factual theories, as are all of his developments) consisting  of many components, including a Time Screen, Materialization  Chamber, Language Rectifier and a sound wave segregator. These items are developed in the series as are the Microfile , Sonic  Disintegrator, Brain Wave Analyzer Gravity Levitator and many others.
Captain Z-ro not only explores space and becomes involved with adventures on other planets, but is able to travel back and forth in time uncovering plots, mutinies and high adventure surrounding such as Genghis Kahn, Blackbeard the Pirate, Molly Pitcher, Columbus, Robin Hood, Benedict Arnold, Daniel Boone, Leonardo da Vinci, William Tell, Hernan Cortez and a hundred others.

Aztec Fire GodAll recorded history remains fact, but Z-ro's and Jet's involvement in it is highly exciting, suspenseful and humorous as well as educational••• a dash of science fiction keeps history on it's course. The plots are multitudinous, from mysterious Space Balls to the rescue of Nancy Hanks from an Indian raid. ( otherwise there could have been no Lincoln) ••• from a Robot loose in Los Angeles to the mutiny aboard Magellan's ship, the Victoria ••• from plots in the past to plots in the present ••• and future ••• from adventures in 5,000,000 B.C. to the  rescue of Francis Scott Key.
Jet is acci1ently materialized into the camp of Attila the Hun on the eve of the Battle of Chalons ••• the mystery of that defeat is solved, out Jet nearly looses his head.
The plot to wreck the Pony Express by the Butter field Stage Co. is narrowly averted when the pay load is materialized into the laboratory.
Jet's vacation to the Hawaiian Islands is interrupted by a flaw in the Time Machine and he lands in the brig of Captain Cook, 200 years earlier.

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